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Ye Olde Adventure II Contest


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Here is a special treat for all who were involved in the "Ye Olde Adventure II" contest.


I put together a down loadable award certificate for the three winners (as well for anyone who want to take a look at it) right here: adv_II_award_cer.bmp

And, just for this particular contest forum, a 4-page 'COMIC ADVENTURES' tribute to the success of this great contest! Congratulations to the top 3 winners! :party: :party: :-o

It really is great to know that Ron Lloyd (aka: Cafeman) will also try to implement into the game all the submittions that made it in the finalist. As Ron had mentioned earlier, he had no idea there were going to be that many high quality submittions. Goes to show how many fans are waiting for the release of possiblly the most eagerly awaited homebrew title! That makes plenty of us feel like winners! Thanks "Square Team Trio"! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


The 'COMIC ADVENTURES' is a short storyline comic strip using game graphics from Adventure II as the artwork to fill in the page panels and features the two alternate character icon winners as they have their first encounter with the Dragon, Minotaur and the Troll. (Coming up with personalites and dialogue for the characters interactions was really fun!)

I thought it as a cool way to share with others in seeing the icons in action in our imaginations while waiting for the release of the actual game itself.

I reduced the file size so anybody can download them. They are broken up into 4 separate JPEG files for fast and easy transfer, each file being a page for a total of 4 pages.


I have, SO FAR, three of the pages available to download here on this post,..


...and the remaining last page, which i'm tring to find a good ending for, I will post shortly as I still have to deal with keeping the storyline from going more than four pages. ;)


I've also thown in at the bottom of this page a couple of down loadable test gag comic strips that I was working on earlier that I was'nt planning on posting because I thought it to be lame but included anyway so you can decide for yourselves. :roll:

Enjoy the comic strips & check back for the storyline's conclusion! -DV :cool:



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I just wanted to say, after checking up on this contest some weeks after its conclusion, I've never been happier to be utterly stomped in a contest. Justin, your knight truly is head-and-shoulders above the crowd, despite his apparent short stature.


His bounding walk speaks confidence, the sway of his shield is reminiscent of the roll of a steam train chugging along (and that flowing plume is additionally evocative of vented steam, I'll note), and I can almost hear the comical, metallic clap of his visor. It's truly an inspired icon and I love it and thank you for coming up with it and winning a deserved place in the game. (And of course, I thank the cafeman for setting that place aside, heh!) The icon's so endeared itself to me that I started imagining it in its own little side-scrollery sort of game, thrusting out a little sword or lance to beat back the forces of evil, maybe with a jump animation for some platforming... hell, there should be a platforming Adventure game! Climbing a tower and such! The 5200 has buttons for it!


I have never, never been more glad to lose. Very nicely done!

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