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What is your favorite 2600 Space Invaders type shooter?

Rhindle The Red

What is your favorite 2600 Space Invaders type shooter?  

273 members have voted

  1. 1. What is your favorite 2600 Space Invaders type shooter?

    • Beamrider
    • Communist Mutants From Space
    • Deadly Duck
    • Demon Attack
    • Galaxian
    • Gorf
    • Guardian
    • INV / INV+
    • Megamania
    • Phoenix
    • Space Instigators
    • Space Invaders
    • Spider Fighter
    • Other (specify)
    • Hack (specify)
    • 0
    • 0
    • 0
    • 0
    • 0

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Space Invaders is the game that made the Atari 2600. Not surprisingly the basic concept (guy at bottom of screen shoots at descending enemies) was one of the more popular in arcades of the day and on the 2600.


What was your favorite game of this type?


This week's poll comes courtesy of sku_u.

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I voted other and meant to vote for Megamania!!! I swear I looked up and down the list and didn't see it! :dunce:


It's incredibly challenging in the later stages where most of the other games on the list kinda stay about the same after a certain point. Truth be known though the "you wnt a piece of me? then come down here and get it you little bastards" type (or space invaders type for short) games are my faves. All the games on the list to me are great in thier own right.

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Megamania is second, with Commie Mutants a close third. Rarely does Activision outdo Starpath, but this time they did.

Commie Mutants is better compared to Galaxian, though, since the enemies are in formation first, then break off in small groups to attack. I guess is Megamania, the mayhem is there from the git go.


Oh, duh. Galaxian is on the list, and I didn't see it.


I really wasn't thinking too well, though, as the all time best vertical shooter for the 2600 is Astroblast, and I should know that.

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I voted for Communist Mutants From Space which is my personal favorite of the lot. My favorite the arcade is definitely Galaga hands down. The big surprise to me is how many people favor Demon Attack to Phoenix which IMHO is the superior game of the two.

IMO Phoenix is superficially superior but where it counts DA comes out ahead.



-Tthe sound/graphics effects are much more exciting in DA than in Phoenix.

-DA gets much harder much faster; I like Phoenix but I get bored waiting for the game to present a challenge.

-The birds are much cooler looking in DA than in Phoenix.

-Enemy fire is much more impressive looking in DA - long lazer beams, volleys of bullets - than the single shots fired by the birds in Phoenix.

-The birds splitting in two, with each smaller bird attacking independently, is much cooler than shooting the wings off the birds in Phoenix.

-The mothership stage is cool, but not that cool.


What it adds up to is that DA is more of a challenge, is more exciting, and has more meaningful variety.


I like Phoenix; it's a great game - but DA is better.

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