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LOGO Programming cartridge


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This is PILOT not LOGO. I do not recall there being a binder version of LOGO. I may be wrong.


Also isn't PILOT a subset of LOGO?

i only mentioned it because turtle had been brought referred to, sorry

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This is PILOT not LOGO. I do not recall there being a binder version of LOGO. I may be wrong.


Also isn't PILOT a subset of LOGO?


I've never heard it referred to that way; everything I've ever read about PILOT (including when I bought it as a kid in the 80's with my 400) were that it was a specialized language created to help teach concepts in programming to kids more naturally than BASIC. I've never heard it as being related to or derived in any way from LOGO, except inasmuch as the Atari version included the concept of turtle graphics in its feature set. I never did a whole lot with the language, but it was fun.



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I have talked about this in another thread, but here goes, again...




PILOT is what happens when a behavioral psychologist creates a computer language to create computer assisted learning applications (like tests.). PILOT is essentially a set of language constructs that are best suited to creating tests. Atari added "turtle-like" graphics, to their implementation.


LOGO is what happens when a mathematician, who also studied under a behavioral psychologist (Jean Piaget), creates a language to teach students about higher order mathematics. It is LISP, without the parenthesis, and has a full LISP implementation available to create very involved, very recursive, list-driven programs.



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LISP is somehow - Mind Creature.

As I investigated it I think now that the only thying it doing is someway moves elements in lists.

Very complicated program needs only being correctly reduced to thousands of these moves.


Please look at this:

In russian semantics the expression - Crusify Not Pardon! - means nothing.


Crusify, Not Pardon! - means To Crucify! (Exclusively and very Definetly!)

Crusify Not, Pardon! - means To Pardon! (Exclusively and very Definetly!)


The same makes LISP.


The obvious strangth of LOGO is it's internally incapsulated working with visible space.

I'm wondered why GEOMETRY teach without any conjunction with LOGO.


Two things in one step...

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Is someone still selling this cartridge?. My son got interested because a comic called "Secret Coders". So I want him to just turn on the Atari and "play" with Logo, like an Logo programming appliance.




Personally, I recently got an UNO multi-cart which is whatever cartridge I need it to be from day to day. :)

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Yes I found that one in eBay too, but I feel a little guilty of getting and using that one which is new and boxed (not to mention the price).

So for now, I am just loading the disk version I got. I'll keep waiting for a cheaper and used one.

Thanks Dr. V. I really appreciate your prompt responses.

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