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Prototype roms


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Found a couple of good prototype arcade roms..


1 that has been mentioned in a different thread is "Arcade Classics" which has Super Centipede and Super Missle Command. Didn't play thecentipede one because I could never get into that. The missle command one is very good. Basically the same gameplay, but the graphics are spruced up and the cities have names (D.C, New York, SF, Paris, London)


And look like the skylines of the cities they represent (No chicago? I'm offended!


The second one is an addicting tetris-like game called Sparkz.. You have little pieces of a circuit boards falling, and the goal is to complete a circuit from the left hand side of the screen to the right. You can only rotate the pieces, and the game gets incredibly hard fast.


Check these two out on MAME. THere is a 3rd proto rom, but I forget the name, and it was kinda wierd.


Oh, and a good one I never saw in the arcade but which was released is Shuuz.. A game of pitching Horseshoes...

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A horseshoes game? I'm gonna have to try out Super Missle Command, sounds good. Sparkz sounds really interesting too.. A prototype ROM you will love way too much if you like Fighting games, Neo-Geo, or the Fatal Furt series, try out Garou - Mark of the Wolves; its one of the best 2d fighters ive played


Speaking of fighters, what about Atari's PIT FIGHTER?!?!?

I have heard many many flames about it being "the worst digitalized fighter ever", but I kinda like it

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Atari has an interesting number of prototypes, and some rather interesting stories behind some of them (*cough* I, Robot *cough*). For the most part, a lot of games were canned simply because Atari didn't think they could compete with SF2! Quite a few games were finished and ready to go too... Was the other game you're talking about called Beat-Head? Where your character has three hands floating around him, and you lose one each time you get hit... actually a pretty fun game. Sparkz is pretty fun too, and an interesting twist on the Tetris formula... the sound effects are nifty too



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I Robot wasn't a prototype, it just had a very limited run (500 units I think and another 500 dumped in the ocean).


There are a few other Arcade prototypes that have been dumped:


Qwack (sliding puzzle game that used a touch screen)

Cloud Nine (kind of like kaboom)

Splat! (like Food Fight)


When I look at it now, Pit Fighter looks bad. But I remember back when it first came out everyone was amazed (like Mortal Kombat). There was a line in the local arcade just to watch people play it. Remember those days?



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