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most of the relaunch is done,still have to work out some bugs

the main site is done (club information,news stand,Atari Gaming league(formerly atarimania), and calendar)

what still has to be worked on is the the Tour pages(some are fixed some are not)

the relaunch of AVC online is finally done everything is running in tune, enjoy

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Jagfest Related news:

April 2nd we will announce the Price for AD Space for the first Jaguar fest relaunch issue.

we will be announcing each issue every 2 weeks after that.

the final jagfest issue is a different thing though as we are working on getting that back together finding all

jagfest information thats goes up to 2007, and we plan to announce it in time for mgc next year.

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The First Re-release of the Jagfest issue #1 is now official for this issue we are looking for 5 ads for this issue: one is inside cover and inside back cover and 3 Ads all Ads must be color and 300 dpi (8.25 by 10.750) and either must be an Atari related or Atari Jaguar related Ad price is $8.00 (this includes cost of printing,shipping markup an paypal fee) anybody interested e-mail me at atarivideoclub@yahoo.com : subject Jagfest issue #1 Ad space and I'll get back to you

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We relaunched our new AVC Online Forum since our old one was no longer in use.

The new forum is done by proboards and can be found on AVC Online and VGS sites(a link to forum page can be
seen on the main page of each site)

the new forum can also be seen at avconline.freeforums.net there are

4 topics :General discussion , AVC Online, Video Game Summit and of course Harmony Games(which will be returning next year,its been on hiatus for

while and only being done at VGS, next year it will return in full form)

like our old forum. you can view each topic but you need to register to post.

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Some updates:

First of we in talks with the odeum for VGS to return,expect some price changes as cost might be high for us. full show announcement will be on the dec prodcast.

Speaking of AVC Live, its scheduled to be on dec 26th which is when we plan to announce the show as well as other news.(https://ustream.tv/channel/avc-live-podcast)

Second since we got no takers for ads in the Jagfest issue #1 re-release AVC Online will have the only ad in the issue. when we announce plans for second issue re-release we will again ask for ads(atari specific only)

Third: we started a new restricted group for those who wish to be on the waiting list for vendors/sponsors for VGS, if your intrested you can join by going to vgs website and fill in form(be sure that you confirm your e-mail with the group(you must be signed in to yahoo group before 1-1-17 to get the news on the show before it goes public)

Finally: We are looking for videos or pictures from past VGS, video clips will be used in up coming promo video pictures will be used in video as well as a planned photo book.

on a final note: don't forget to visit our new forum at https://avconline.freeforums.net

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haven't been updating this post lately so here it goes:

First of all our next podcast is this Saturday same place as well. at 9pm central. ustream.tv/channel/avc-live-podcast

second, after a 3 year hiatus of the regular harmony games on Avc Online(it was only done at VGS in the past years) we're staring it up again but it won't be done
here it will be done at our new forum exclusively(avconline.freeforums.net (under the harmony games topic)) also we're going use some newer games thats been posted

here.(I'll post a harmony games topic soon )

the old harmony games page will be deleted and a new page will be added to our website.

on vgs topic still have plenty of booths available we also have tickets available for VIP admission as well as regular admission

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Website Update:
due to Atari-users.net domain expired at end of April, Both AVC Online and the Video Game Summit websites are down.
We do have a Basic site at Angelfire for Video Game Summit which can be found at http://avc.videogamesummit.net

As for AVC Online, that will be down for now as we don't have a basic site up for maybe next year.
if AUN isn't going be renewed we will look into another location for the site for word press site for VGS(either freesite which will keep
the Sponsorship fees the same or a pay site which would in fact raise the sponsorship) this won't happen till next year.

On another note we will have a podcast at ustream.tv/channel/avc-live-podcast on may13th (we will record it at 11am central and then stream it at 1pm central)
during that time we will answer tweets at #VideoGameSummit or #AVCOnline (as well as on our facebbok page or group as well for VGS)

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Website upadte: migration wasn't easy the server where AUN went down and couldn't get done in time,so I'm working on AVC Online website right now I was luckily enough back the posts and remember what plug ins I used for it but was from 2015.

so pages like I did for jagfest and the atari i/o build team aren't there those will be added later.

for VGS it will be from scratch but I know the basics since I did a basic site on angelfire I can base it on that.

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Happy to announce that both AVC Online and Video Game Summit is back up and running

Video Game Summit still at http://videogamesummit.net(now on it own domain instead forwarding to another site)

AVC Online now at its new domain at http://atari-video.club

Edited by Dan Iacovelli
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ok its been a long while and here is what happening:
Yahoo have revamped their groups and killed off the calendar features so I'm starting to reset on most of the events listings that will be on AVC Online.
mostly chats and gaming conventions , would also like to add ZPH to calendar as well.
the events will also be listed  in jaguar community united newsletter I e-mail to those on jcu yahoo group.
also sometime this month I'll be starting a club here and closing down my forum.
we also reopened our old vgs Facebook group and renamed it Atari video club which will be a hub for our club  which has news for VGS,Jagfest and AVC Online.
coming in July besides VGS I'll be relaunching  my old fanzine under Atari Gamer name (I'll be looking for reviewers and such as soon as I open the club here)
Harmony games will be returning using the same feature  as last year, winner of Atari Awards games.

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Some  updates for the AVC online Website and VGS site:
sometime after Pinball expo ends in october AVC Online and VGS website will go down for upgrading (going to use block format)
it should be back up around November.
Also over at AVC online club (Atari Video Club club) here on Atari age we are going to change up harmony games for the upcoming years:
adding 7800 homebrews and we are looking for a new name for it. for more information click here
We are still looking for some more writers for zine. no time announced for the release until we get more people to sign for reviewers and such.
Finally, as of October 1st, Twitch will be dropping the hosting shows on twitch which means AVC Online network which host two shows :Zero Page Homebrew and Galloping Ghost aracde
will no longer be able be seen on AVC online network. we will still keep them listed on the website  and posted on social media and people can go directly there.

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