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jEdit files for batari BASIC



Here's my mode file for jEdit for batari BASIC:




To use the syntax highlighting, put the batari BASIC.xml file in the MODES directory of jEdit. Then edit the catalog file in the same directory and add the following.

<MODE NAME="batari BASIC"       FILE="batari BASIC.xml"
                                FILE_NAME_GLOB="*.bas" />


I disable the vbscript mode file as it also uses *.bas for the file extension. I disabled it by changing its entry in the catalog file as follows

<!-- MODE NAME="vbscript"       FILE="vbscript.xml"
                                FILE_NAME_GLOB="*.{vbs,bas,cls}" /-->


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Hello SpiceWare,

I ve installed JEdit with the batari syntax and I really love the clarity of reading the program. I would like to know how you compile your file to a .bin from it? I was using VisualBb on XP but I got trouble with my bootcamp and rather continue on mac if possible. Guess its not as easy as visualBb to compile and send to stella as it must require more typing steps.


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I do my compiles via Terminal. I have a readme.txt file in all my projects that contains the steps to compile and I just copy/paste for the first compile of the day, then use <CURSOR-UP> for additional compiles. For Space Rocks it's a 2 step process, so my readme.txt file has:

Compile Atari code
dasm spacerocks.asm -f3 -v0 -sspacerocks.sym -lspacerocks.lst -osr.bin

Merge with custom bank switch code, which must be first in the file
cat DPC+.arm sr.bin > spacerocks.bin

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