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A Quiz Wiz cartridge I've never seen before.



I've been looking for Quiz Wiz cartridges on eBay again. And I bought one I have never seen before: #48 - The Magic School Bus: Things That Fly. I have never seen this cartridge before. I have the one about Nintendo (which is weird because Quiz Wiz was made by Tiger, which had a short-lived rivalry with them later with the game.com vs. Game Boy)


This in turn has sparked my interest in returning to work making questions for my "homebrew" cartridge. So I will work on that again tomorrow. Right now it's almost 9 p.m. so it's a little late to be thinking them. I also ran out of the "answer key," so I need to discover some more answers to my questions.


I'm probably cheating calling it a homebrew game. What I'm doing is making new questions to cartridge #1. So in order to put the right answer to the questions, I need to know the answers to them. Right now I have 346 questions. I have a whole bunch of #1 cartridges, so if I decide to finish this and make 1,001 questions, I'm going to put a different label on them, print out the questions booklets on demand and sell them to anyone who wants one.


Unfortunately, most eBay auctions have a Quiz Wiz console with them, so I have a whole bunch of those laying around as well. Anyway, my plan is to someday complete the Quiz Wiz collection and get all 60 cartridges. I think I have about half of them so far.


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