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2/5th of the way done



I just made question #401 of my Quiz Wiz cartridge. After making over 400 questions, I had better be careful not to repeat any. I thought up of a couple that I had previously done before, so I didn't include them. I think I may need some help though, otherwise I doubt I'll ever get done. How did Tiger Electronics think up of 1,001 questions of a certain THEME? By the way, I started this about 2 years ago. But most of that time was not spent on making questions. I stopped for about a year or so. I want to make this available in 2023 (for the 30 year anniversary of Quiz Wiz), but I doubt I will be able to.


If you want to help, please e-mail me or PM me some trivia questions along with their correct answers. I will then make up some three non-answers and put them in as well as getting mentioned in the book and a free copy of the game if it gets finished if you want one. I was hoping to make the book be 36 pages long, but I will probably need to make it be more. I'm on page 15 so far. I need 600 more questions to finish the book. Aargh!


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