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quirky q's




So I have been hard at work working on an Odyssey² game called "Quirky Q's." It's about getting q's in various ways. Our intrepid q lover (who bears a striking resemblance to Pac-Man), can't get enough of the quality letter q. But what would a game be without an enemy? Enter the q hater. He hates the letter q so much he wants to stop anyone who likes the letter q from getting any. I worked on this so long these past couple of days.


I had insomnia. I kept thinking of ways to make the game better while laying in my bed with my eyes closed trying to sleep. It was about 3 a.m. when I finally got to sleep. I slept with a working game. One problem with it: No enemies. So when I woke up this afternoon, I went to work putting in an enemy. After a frustrating few more hours trying to put my "Cedar Games" intro in the remaining space in that bank but not being able to, I just gave up putting the intro in, so it won't have it. I even tried to fit in a second game with the remaining space, but I couldn't do that either. It was being stubborn again. So now I have around 700 bytes left I can't use.


I went back and put in the remaining code just now and made sure it will go to more levels once I add them in. Right now it just repeats level 1 over and over again. I guess other q minigames have to be in separate banks now, which is really dumb, but oh well.



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