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Venture clone




I am in the beginning stages of making a clone of Venture for the Odyssey². My "Q" adventure game doesn't seem to be really connecting with me so I've decided to drop that and instead work on this. And work I did. It took a few hours and tons of retries but I finally got the beginning of it.


It took FOREVER to figure out why the dot was going through the walls. But I figure I somehow magically put screen display code in the correct place now. And when I say "early" I mean early. The title screen says "TITLE" in green letters against a lovely black background. I don't even know what to call this yet. But I managed to get the custom sound handler in so it makes cool sounds.


I am some time going to play Venture to see what exactly I need to do. It's hot in here. I don't understand why. It's 41 degrees outside and yet hot in here.


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