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another new return of the Ugly Uppity Umpire.




I'm back working on the Game Boy because it's a lot better than Odyssey 2 programming. And I like the Game Boy. I resumed work yesterday after a month of not working on it. I had forgotten some stuff I needed to know programming the game. Then I went to sleep for 15 hours. And then I got up at about 8 a.m. and worked some more on it. I finished level 12.


I think I fixed a bug related to Ulysses's walking animation. I don't know why but I think I did a really good job designing the underwear enemy. So what I need to do now that I finished level 12 is make a new song. I think I change songs every four levels (so it doesn't get too repetitive.) And I change blocks every 8 levels (so it doesn't look too repetitive.) So when I reach level 16 I'll need to make yet another new song AND new blocks.


What I want to do now is have 99 levels, or reach 512 KB. Whichever comes first. Reading back on those old Nintendo Powers from the GB days and wishing I could make a Game Boy game. It's now come true, except for it being published. Anyone here want to publish Frank the Fruit Fly? Sometime I should hook up the ol' SNES and play Game Boy games on it. Well, the easier ones that don't require a Game Genie. I had another game's battery die on me and needed replaced. Which was odd because the game was made in 1997. It's odd because my Super Mario World from 1991 is still saving (last time I looked.)



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