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Something was missing



So I decided to work on the Genesis game I've been toying with. Since the blocks I put in there looked like Mario Bros., I decided to make this a Mario Bros. type game. Only with different layouts for the blocks on different levels (like Mario Bros. should have been.) But I was then looking at Eli the Elephant and noticed something was missing. The poor elephant didn't have any tusks! So I had to redo the elephant sprites, all four of them, adding in tusks to Eli. This is how it turned out:


Also notice that the elephant's tail is no longer sticking up. I don't know why the screenshot got bigger. Must have been when I accidentally broke the emulator and tried to get it right again. I guess I accidentally changed something that changed the screenshot size for some reason.


So gameplay wise, this is what I'm planning. grapefruits are falling from the sky. I need to figure out how to make the grapefruit's x numbers be random. The elephant needs to stomp on grapefruits to score points. The higher up you are on the screen, the more points you'll get when you stomp on a grapefruit. So to stomp on a grapefruit, you just jump on it, like how Mario jumps on goombas to make them disappear. And an enemy to try stopping the elephant from stomping on grapefruits. I don't know what that enemy would be yet. Anyone have any ideas?


I had a little problem I had to work on but solving it allows the elephant to jump constantly when the A button is held. Trying to change that problem didn't yield anything working, so I guess it'll just have to stay that way.


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