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Fixed jumping elephant.



So I was trying to fix the jumping problem from yesterday's blog entry about the game. I think I did it. I think I'll call it fixed. I also fixed the size of the screenshot. That turned out to be an emulator problem, not my code. This is a lot better:


While fixing the game, it seems that now the elephant falls faster than he normally did, so that's a plus. So having a little bit of gravity would be good. I will post a ROM of what I have once I know it works okay on a real Genesis. I had a bit of trouble making the elephant fall when A was pressed so he was hovering over the hole, but I think I fixed that.

NOW I'll wait for my package to come now that everything is running fine in my emulator. They're threatening us with 0-2 inches of snow tomorrow. But that's when I'm supposed to get my hair cut. I guess I'll hope for the 0 part.


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