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a little poem I wrote.



like a cat that is flat on the road
like a butt with its own zip code
like the cat poop that is in my den
like the black ink I get when I chew on a pen
like standing outside in the snow when all you have on is some socks
and when you try to take a step you slip on slippery rocks
like noticing your shoe's untied
and the laces get in the gears in a bicycle ride
so you fall down on the ground and you feel pain
and you notice on the pavement is a bit of your brain
and no one's there to help you
so you wiggle on the ground like the worms do
like a cut on your lip
like drowning on the Titanic ship


like when the recipe calls for two sticks of butter
and all you have are toenail clippings
so you dump them in and hope that no one notices
when guests do their potato chip dippings
such is life.


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