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Poems en español

A long time ago, I took Spanish in seventh grade. I didn't do too well in it though. But I noticed that the words "llueve" (rain) and "nueve" (nine) rhymed. I kept that in my memory bank for a long time. It was last night when I couldn't sleep that I thought I'd try to make a poem out of it. Since I forgot the rest of the Spanish I learned, I got my English/Spanish dictionary out and began work. This is the result. I highly doubt the Spanish syntax is correct, but oh well.   llueve en

a little poem I wrote.

like a cat that is flat on the road like a butt with its own zip code like the cat poop that is in my den like the black ink I get when I chew on a pen like standing outside in the snow when all you have on is some socks and when you try to take a step you slip on slippery rocks like noticing your shoe's untied and the laces get in the gears in a bicycle ride so you fall down on the ground and you feel pain and you notice on the pavement is a bit of your brain and no one's th
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