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Six² update (Magnavox Odyssey)



The overlays should be coming next week as well as more dice I ordered. There should be about 20 copies total, BUT I AM NOT TAKING ORDERS AT THIS TIME. First I have to get everything settled and make sure everything is ready to go. Then I will take orders.


It's amazing what an ordinary printer can do. I'm not gonna pay a print shop money I don't need when I can do it myself. So I wondered how I did what I did before. It's been that long. I found the paper I used. It's thicker than normal paper. So much so I thought at first my printer wasn't going to be able to print on it, but I eventually got it to. I needed 10 more sets of the cards, and I didn't have 10 sheets left. As a result, half the card sets will be smaller than the others. I also needed ten more sets of dice. Dice are apparently cheap. 20 for $11. I needed ten more red dice and ten more blue dice.


I haven't decided on a price yet, but I do think $10 each should be enough for my little production. I bet with that price, they should sell out pretty quickly.


After this, I have in mind an IMO ambitious Odyssey project which will consist of a few minigames each with an alien theme. I hope to make them all 1-player. I have one game already designed in my head. I just need to think of a few others. I want this to come out sometime next year. So eventually I should come out with one Odyssey game project per year after that.


The alien-themed project was in need of a title. I was thinking of boring titles, like

  • Alien Escape
  • Escape From the Aliens

But then I thought of something different. The alien project will be called "I Need To Escape the Aliens!" But that's a long way off. I need to finish production of Six² as well.



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