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Christmas is never too far away...



It's April, almost May. I got to thinking about Quiz Wiz again. I thought about what hadn't been done as a Quiz Wiz category before. There had been so many. Dinosaurs, Sports trivia (which I suck at), Comics, even Mythology. In all, 60 different Quiz Wiz cartridges have been made between 1993-97. But there was one glaring omission. There is no special Christmas cartridge! No cartridge which you can play your Quiz Wiz in a blanket by the fireplace with the Christmas tree and lights plugged in and presents under it.


So here's how I will do this: This will take 50 days to complete. But the days don't have to be back-to-back. Just before Christmas. I figure if I make 20 Christmas-themed questions per session, it will take 50 sessions to get to 1,001, the number of questions on a standard Quiz Wiz cartridge. That may seem like a lot, but hey, I have nothing better to do, right? If someone is going to do it, it might as well be me.


I was making a book of just general trivia, I got to about 400 questions before I thought of the Christmas compilation. I started today. Today I made 23 questions. So I'm 2% of the way there! Woo!


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