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Getting harder...



I worked for a few hours designing level 19 so it could be possible to be beaten. I moved various blocks around, toyed with the various umbrella placements, until I got this:


Most of the reason why I spent so much time on this is because the ghost in the lower lefthand corner follows you. To beat the level, first get the umbrella in the upper right, then go down and lure the ghost to the right a little while the underwear is up near the top of the screen. Then get the umbrella in the hole in the wall, and then go get the one in the corner. You should have enough time to wait until the underwear on the left to pass before you can make a break for the exit.


Another thing I will have to deal with is code placement in the various banks. Bank 2 takes a long time to compile and I don't know why. It's only 22% full, so it's a mystery. I have a little bit more room in bank 1, so I hope to have enough room for data levels up to level 24. After that, I will put more level data in bank 5. Bank 3 which contains the music, is only around half full, so I have room for more songs. Depending on room, I could put even more songs in bank 7 unless I have to use that space for level data. Since the main "engine" is done, all I need to do is add more levels.


I just wanted to clarify something. When I talked about wasps making a nest in my window in my status update, I meant it was outside the house, not inside. There have been a few yellowjackets come in, but they were weak and easy to kill for some reason.


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