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1/5 done



I would like to make Ugly Uppity Umpires have 100 levels. I don't know if I will actually think of that many level designs, but if I do, I'm 1/5 of the way there.


This level was an experiment with the number of sprites I could display on the screen at once. There are 11 here (Ulysses is made up of four sprites.)


I haven't gotten much sleep these past few days. I guess it's due to me wanting to stay awake being active with my various projects. I went and worked on my 2600 game. I worked on making and composing music, I worked on a lot of things. It takes me an hour to get to sleep. And when I lay there waiting for sleep, my mind thinks up stuff I want to do. I guess I just need to try to resist the urge to get up and work on the stuff I think up. But it's so boring just laying there!


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