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Uppity Ugly Umpire - level 23



I worked a lot on UUU these past few days. Saturday especially. What I was mainly doing was making the code more efficient. I put in some functions instead of switch statements. The game works exactly the same as before, but the code is much more efficient. I made a couple more levels for the game.


The big challenge in programming this was trying to make the underwear enemy in the middle move diagonally. But I eventually did it.


Steve left. And my new razor came. It doesn't work as well as I thought a new razor would. I tried to shave my face, but it didn't really help all that much because I still have a bunch of hair on my face. Really. I have to wax my face in order to remove the hairs? This is really stupid. Also, gaining weight is stupid. If I ever end up getting diabetes, I'm not going to manage it because I don't care if I live or die. And it's not my fault anyway. It's my dumb medicine.


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