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So I worked a ton on Hamburgers for INTV, fixing stuff and adding stuff in. I think it's now time for the ending to be put in. I'll work on it the next time I come back to this. Maybe later today (it's about noon now) or maybe tomorrow.


I've also been working on making another chrisword puzzle. Now I have two. I actually finished it then realized I didn't like it. So I amended it. I like it, except it uses the word "cymene." Which while nobody knows what it is, is still a word. So with no other alternative except nuking the puzzle I had, I begrudingly put it in. So I (hopefully) made its across clues easier so it can be guessed correctly. (in case you're wondering, cymene is a type of hydrocarbon.) But oh well, I'm acting like someone is actually going to attempt to solve it. :(


I did today's USA Today crossword while waiting for my Dominos order to get here. I think the delivery charge is enormous ($6.99), but oh well. I loooove Domino's new tater tots. I attempted to stay up later yesterday. I went to sleep at about 5 p.m. and woke up at around 5 a.m. When I get up, my side hurts and my left arm is numb. I don't know why. Usually moving my arm to my side fixes it when I'm awake to do it, but not awake enough to get out of bed.


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