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Stupid daytime.

I woke up at 6 p.m.  After about 15 hours of sleep. I don't want to sleep that much. But if I didn't need that much, wouldn't I wake up sooner and, better yet, not feel sleepy when I do? I got reminded of my Intellivision game I forgot called My History Teacher Ate Lemons. So I decided to return to work on it. Mainly bug fixes and minor tweaks to the options screen. I left off at level 3: a desert. I redesigned the heart. I doubt I could get any better than this, so I guess I'll keep i


atari2600land in Intellivision

Those evil waffles

Work resumes on SGWP2. I thought I was done for the day but I got bored again and put in a 6-digit score. It works fine but it uses 6 variables. I don't think I'll run out of variables, though. But it is a lot better than using one 16-bit variable and then having the score run out if the player reaches 65,535 points. If the player reaches 999,999 points here, it will stay at 999,999 points and not roll back to 0.   I ordered a Inty 3 off eBay yesterday since I got tired of th


atari2600land in Intellivision

Another "too bored" project.

I have no idea for a game for this title screen. Does anyone? I thought of the rhyming "awful waffle" and thought to myself "Hey! I made a video game about waffles. What if I were to combine the two?" I made some eerie title music to go with the screen.   Tomorrow is the big day. I have to go to the doctor's office and get a blood test and I'll have him look at the rash on my butt and ask him what it is and how can I get rid of it because I'm tired of having to put neosporin on it


So I worked a ton on Hamburgers for INTV, fixing stuff and adding stuff in. I think it's now time for the ending to be put in. I'll work on it the next time I come back to this. Maybe later today (it's about noon now) or maybe tomorrow.   I've also been working on making another chrisword puzzle. Now I have two. I actually finished it then realized I didn't like it. So I amended it. I like it, except it uses the word "cymene." Which while nobody knows what it is, is still a word. So wi
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