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Poems en español



A long time ago, I took Spanish in seventh grade. I didn't do too well in it though. But I noticed that the words "llueve" (rain) and "nueve" (nine) rhymed. I kept that in my memory bank for a long time. It was last night when I couldn't sleep that I thought I'd try to make a poem out of it. Since I forgot the rest of the Spanish I learned, I got my English/Spanish dictionary out and began work. This is the result. I highly doubt the Spanish syntax is correct, but oh well.


llueve en nueve (rain at nine)
no parada en diez (it doesn't stop at ten)
cuando malo es dias (when the days are bad)
nublado es manaña (cloudy is the morning)
como yo matar araña (as I kill a spider)
yo viajero (I am a traveller)
a cama en el tercero (to bed on the third)
de enero (of January)


llueve en nueve (rain at nine)
gris es nublado (the clouds are gray)
yo tener ojos cerrado (i have closed eyes)
es un dormir (as i go to sleep)
bostezo yo salir (yawns come out)
imbeclidad rociada (the sprinkles are idiocy)
no comer un tostada (i don't eat toast)
denada (you're welcome)


All in all, it was fun. It seems interesting that some words in Spanish are alike in English. For instance, the Spanish word "dormir" is sort of like the English "dormant."


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