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I'm leaving AtariAge.



Al sold his soul to the devil. That never is a good idea. Because of this, I have made the decision to leave the forums for good. I don't want to be posting in the forums of a zombie company, so I guess I'll be leaving now. I won't be gone for good, you can still catch me on the Video Game Sage forums. I am the user named "GameGearGuy," but I guess I should change my username there, so I may. Thanks for the 17 years (!) of fun, but I think it's time to move on to a more trusting forums since Al sold out.

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Thats a bit dramatic. How exactly did he sell out? How is Atari the devil? It sounds more like you are just spitting words out for the sake of doing so.

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🤷‍♂️ Overreacting and drama, why do people always need to "announce" their departure like an Airport? But of course: LAST VISITED 1 hour ago 😝 Really, what is THE WORST that happens if people don't jump ship? Like maybe just wait and see how things play out instead of making assumptions? What exactly is lost by staying in a community one has enjoyed, I assume up to now? Even IF in the end, things turn out exactly as you are guessing and it all crumbles anyways what have you gained by leaving so soon? It's all very weird, I am admittedly a glass-half empty as skeptical-as-hell type of person and even I see these as overreacting, but whatever, do what you feel you have to do...... 


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On the other hand, if Albert had not been contacted by Atari, it seems sooner or later he may have shut down AtariAge due to higher costs and labour than he can afford, even with the subscriptions. So in that case, it was either a buy-out or a shutdown. Both may lead to members leaving the forum and start up something else, scattered around the Internet.

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