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Cruiz'in Reddit - Atari CEO Wade Rosen confirms invitation for indie game developers to work on new Bubsy games - October 2023



There was a cool article on Reddit, which was originally announced on Twitter that you can watch on Youtube.


And of course, being posted here.  :)



Wade Rosen saying he'd like to see more Bubsy games, and wanting to hear from development teams that would want to make a new Bubsy game.


I know a few over the years that have made fan games and concepts so maybe now is the time to shine?  :)


Happy to say, some have already chimed in:



     And if interesting, those of us at this Bubsy Fan Blog, and the Bubsy discord server can offer at least some interesting ideas.


     This blog has been here since 2008 and has seen what's worked, and not worked, and what people would like to see in future Bubsy games.  If we never get to talk, I'm hoping that those at Atari might enjoy, and gleam info for the next game from this blog's pages.


WHO IS BUBSY: The Fan Blog's Summary

      Focusing on Bubsy's strengths as a character what makes Bubsy so enjoyable is that Bubsy is a "underdog" never a A-List character, but that doesn't stop Bubsy from doing A-Lister work or goals.   Or even thinking himself a A-lister.   And yet he continues to be his crazy self even with no one watching or listening, usually a "party of one".  And then from there he remains determined to persevere (pronounced: puuurrr-severe) through challenges.


      Recommendation: since Bubsy is obviously a character with great confidence is to write the character more so as a pal you adventure with.  That will take him from lame dad-joker to cool uncle / friend.


       There is more details this blog could add if asked, but those are the basic thoughts.




Here is some cool stuff found by the guys over at the Officious Bubsy Server we'll leave off with these.  Until next time, enjoy!!


Wow some people getting Bubsy tattoos.  Now THAT is serious fandom.




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Hope they find some developers who really can take the best parts, weed out the worst parts, and re-imagine Bubsy in the most likeable way, make backdrops that are interesting/good-looking but not messy-looking in colors and design, and add accessible and fun gameplay.


I really think it wouldn’t take very much to make Bubsy be a neat assett to Atari.


But it feels akward if he’s only a Sonic-like figure, almost dependent on the ‘Sonic-aura’ of the 90ies.


They should take Bubsy as much in the feline and Bobcatty-direction as possible, not try to meta-think too much what sort of ‘attitudes dem kids nowadays’. Such attempts often leads to fads that stay around for 5 minutes. But if you appeal to something more longlasting, like human cat-facination for thousands of years, he may actually get to be something.

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