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How to fix a bug.



So I found a rather nasty bug in X Vs. O:


I had to spend about one hour total trying to figure out what could have caused it before I found the answer. The answer was whenever O was going into the lower right spot when there was an X already there, it did this. So I changed a "ret" to jmp to another bit of code and lo and behold, it worked. That was a dumb thing to happen. I hate it when it does stupid things when it's not my fault.


Also, I remember it doing this even before I put in the win counters, but I thought it was just a fluke and moved on. I don't even know how I spent a half-hour testing and avoiding making this happen. I thought I had fixed it because I tried to before. So now, unless someone finds a bug in what I have, I can move on to begin programming a different part of the game. But not today. I am sick of programming for now. But if you DO find a bug, please tell me so I can attempt to fix it. And add a screen grab of the game. It took a long time for me to discover there was a button on my keyboard that can get a screen grab for me. The "Prt Scr" button can do it. Then go into an image editing program (like Paint or Photoshop or something) and you can paste (Ctrl+V) the screen image in there.


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