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Another boring day.



Today was a boring day. So I decided to go through my papers. While I was, I discovered a couple of stories I thought I had lost. One of them was made in 2020, so it was on my computer. The other one is undated, but it was from when I was a kid, I'm guessing around 1996 or so?

So since the old one wasn't on my computer yet, I decided to type it up so it was in a Libre Office file. I don't use Word since I'd have to pay for it. I used to have Word, but the computer died and left me with no word processor.


It was easy to type it up sicne each story is only around 4 pages. I wrote some 100-page novels, but these are nothing like that. Just short stories. When I was a kid I had a couple of Goosebumps books and I think I was trying to emulate that.


So anyway, when I was done with that, I made a website to host them on so you can read them. I'd like to make a third one, but I have no ideas for it. I also want some illustrations for the covers for the previous two books since they had crappily drawn ones by me. I think today I'll redo the covers even though my drawing skills haven't improved much since 1996. And color them in Photoshop.


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