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Scary Tales #3



I got an idea for the third Scary Tales tale. So I went to my computer and began to write it. I had felt a wave of ideas coming to my brain so I put them down on my computer. And a few hours later, I had it: The third scary tale.


I had an idea, but then I thought for a little bit and the idea was actually a Goosebumps book. Well, perhaps. All I remember about the book was the cover, a giant kid, seen from legs down, stomping around on a playground. I had wanted to make a story about a kid who wanted to be tall, but he grew so tall that his hands could touch Neptune. I thought that was rather silly, so I began writing another idea.


Since it is a holiday tale, I will upload it to the Scary Tales website I mentioned in yesterday's blog more near Christmas. And not today. Since it has no cover.


For you see, I went ahead yesterday and redrew and colored the covers for the first two Scary Tales stories. And I put the pdf files with the covers drawn on the website. It will be hard to draw the cover, but I hope to be up to the task. I'll do it before I put it up on the Scary Tales website.

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