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Scary Tales #3 (part 2)



I thought I wasn't going to do the cover for a while, but as it turns out I got some inspiration and made a cover for it. And I learned something: Drawing a hippopotamus is hard. So I put it on the website just in time for the holiday season.


I can't believe it's December and it's 63 degrees right now. I'm hot in here. I got the mail. I got a bubbleope mail. Inside was a copy of Star Wars: Jedi Adventure for the Tiger R-Zone. It came with a little plastic holder. I now have four games for the R-Zone and only three holders. Since I got myself a Super Screen, I can see the game a lot better, but it's in black and white when it should be red and black. Oh well.


Also on eBay I found a guy selling some Lynx games. I was trying to find a lot on eBay but instead I found a guy selling them individually. So I bought four of them.

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