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So spring has returned. The ants are back on the kitchen counter. The temperatures are warmer. Since I was done working on my Game Gear game, just for fun I went back to work seeing if I could fix the scanline issue I had in the assembly version of Fruit Fly Fun. You might say it's a beautiful spring day (well, night). I hate the sun. But I woke up at about 7 p.m. so I missed most of it. I think I fixed it. Perhaps tonight I'll try it on a real Atari 7800 to see if I made it work good on actual hardware.


I had this weird dream about coding. Someone told me my colors on my Game Gear game were kind of muddy. Someone actually said that. So I dreamt there was a way to turn that off. What a thing to dream about!


If you'd like to try Fruit Fly Fun, go to the thread I resurrected in the Atari 2600 Programming subforum.


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