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Release the flies!



So I think I have everything done on my part. I have 1 byte left, so anything else would have to be bug fixes or changes to what I have already. My game is going to get a release, so stay tuned for that. Just not from AtariAge. It's been 9 months since I ordered from the store and nothing ever came. It'd be nice to get a refund, but I guess I won't.


Yesterday I was sitting on my chair and I moved my leg wrong and it started to hurt really bad. I guess I pulled another muscle. I don't know why this has been happening to me lately. First the sandwich thing, then another thing involving my throat, and now my leg. Oh well.


I have been trying to stay awake so I can be asleep at night and awake duriing the day. I discovered I need 15 hours of sleep each day so I guess I'm not going to ever get a normal sleep pattern. I stayed up until 9pm last night, but in return I woke up at noon.


I'll tell you what, though: I am very sick of the White Castle frozen cheeseburgers. I doubt I'll ever eat one ever again. I ate one a couple of hours ago and they were hideous. I used to love the things. Now if you offer me a million bucks to eat one, I probably wouldn't.


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