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flies (part 3)



I thought about what I can do next. I tried to make this an indoor scene, but with a white wall, the bw/color switch would be rendered practically useless. And the scanline wobbled if the colors are changed. So I'll keep it like this: an outdoor scene. Although I don't condone going outside to swat flies. That's their home. They're supposed to be outside. I mean, how would you like it if some giant came into your house and swatted you to death? Well, I guess you wouldn't care since you'd be dead, but it'd be tragic news for all the rest of the living to hear. Until they die. That's why I wanted to make this an indoor scene. But I couldn't.


So unless someone finds a bug or suggestion I could try to fit in, I think the game is pretty much done. I thought about making the fly drop to the ground when it got swatted, but I don't think I'd be able to fit that in.


I tried to eat my Subway sandwich. But I opened my mouth wrong and made my throat hurt. I pulled a muscle in my throat. Like when I do when I yawn sometimes. It hurt really bad, too. I think I recovered mostly from it. And I ate the sandwich.


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