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Bouncing banana



I got a bouncing banana. It bounces around the screen. Then I got the crazy idea of a Tapeworm-like level. I got it able to do this as well, but with a little extra code. I don't know how much code the Jaguar can handle for each vsync. I also got my .raw files to play correctly.


So now with a banana bouncing around the screen, the next step is to add the pineapple in. So that's what I'll do next. I plan to have odd-numbered levels be the open field and even-numbered levels be this. I think level 1 should have 1 banana, then level 2 have 2 bananas and so on until you reach level 8. I will also add boss banana levels like there was in the 7800 version.


Sometimes I wonder why I bother doing this version of Pineapple. Then I have to remind myself if I don't I would be very, very bored. I'm always wanting to work on something. That's why I hate sleep so much. I'm just laying there with my mind wanting to think of stuff to do. And it explains why I have dreams where I think up of stuff and then when I wake up and realize I had actually done nothing, I get sad.


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