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Bug in my hamburger.



I decided to go back to working on Game Gear Flying Hamburgers even though I deemed it finished. I thought of something I could do. So I worked on making the onion rings not disappear during the boss screen. I made it work. It got harder. And it's a good thing I worked on it.


During my other testing, I found a major bug. I don't know what it was at first. I tried various things until I discovered that if the enemy is shot and his projectile keeps going, it gets a new enemy at that place. Mainly because I put a timer to display a "pow!" explosion that counts up from 0 to 60. So I THINK I fixed that. I also made a few minor changes to a couple of levels. And I redesigned the burger. Not a huge change, but a change, nonetheless.


I heard someone from Oregon won the billion dollar lottery. If the winning ticket was sold at my Safeway I'll be so angry. But first I had to get a ticket, which I didn't, so it's not me. I think the lottery is a huge scam. Think about it: Do you know anyone who won millions in it? Case closed.


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