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Traveller 7800


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Hi Guys

Time to introduce. :)

"Traveller"is ready to travel around the world.

But before travelling to 7800 owners,"Travi"will visit his creators first.

Shawn Sr was the first hoster,because he made the cartridge.

I was 2nd,"Schmutzpuppe"from Hamburg(germany)will be the 3rd.Travi will visit him next week.

When returning back from his voyage to Hamburg,Travi will visit "Mitch" in the USA.

After this,Travi needs hosters.

But you guys should know:

-We have no sponsor;so every hoster must pay the shipping costs to the next host.

-Travi should be shipped only via Airmail,because Surface mail takes too long.

-Every host should make a photo(ore more) with Travi at some special places or some special events.

-Normally Travi should not be hosted for more than 1 week or so.But for special events or voyages,this can be longer.


Now some information about Traveller.

-Traveller is a video game cartridge for the Atari 7800

-Traveller will try to get as many hosters as possible

-Traveller would like to see all continents

-traveller likes goodies,so feel free to add some nice items,maybe from your country or city,or add some stickers,keychains,stamps and whatever you want

-When finishing his voyage around the world(when time has come),Travi will be auctioned for a good cause


So everyone,who wants to host Travi,send me a PM and i will try to organize Travi's voyage.

It would be nice to find a host from Australia and Africa.I will take Travi to Asia at some time.

For the beginnig,i would be great to find 5 hosts.

greetings gambler172 :)

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Hey Everybody!


I've chatted with gambler172 via PM about this. Traveller 7800 has my full support! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Count me as a host for Travi. I can get a photo of Trotter and Travi together, plus some shots of Orem, Utah. :)



Note: To clarify to potential hosts...


Travi's journey and Trotter's journey should complement each other. I believe there are plenty of potential hosts to go around for both tours. Hosts should feel free to participate with one, the other, or both travelling carts.


Unless told otherwise, I will assume if you have signed on to host Globetrotter in the past, and also sign up for Traveller 7800, that you wish to remain on Globetrotter's hostlist as it is unlikely that both travelling carts will be shipped to the same person at the same time or shipped out this way( unless planned in advance )


Please make sure that questions or comments specifically about Traveller 7800 are directed to gambler172 as he will be in charge of tracking Travi's progress.


And questions and comments about Globetrotter can be directed to me, gateway, or write to me at trotterjotter at gmail dot com




Weston :cool:

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Hi Guys :)

some more Info about Tavi.

Travi will work correctly on NTSC.

On Pal systems,there are some glitches.

Travi is now on its way to Hamburg.Then he will travel around in the USA for some time.

First host in the USA will be Mitch.

I have enough hosters for the next few months.After his visit at "Mitch",Travi will go to "bcprs1",then to "Rick Harris","MopedFreak","Gateway"and maybe "Cousin Vinnie".

After this USA trip,he will reach United Kingdom with a visit at "Mayhem"(he no wants to miss a possible meeting with J.M.) and "mimo".

After this trip,new hosts will be needed.

greetings Walter

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