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AtariAge Master Wii Code List


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ok everyone here it is! What you have all been waiting for. :lol:

The AtariAge Master Wii Code List!!!


Without further ado here is the current list.


bookman: 4916-9643-7267-9316

compacho: 0617-9243-7403-1911

jess: 8292-5112-4090-0551

crossbow: 5383-8957-3526-3202 (Crossbow)

bydo: 0776-9382-5677-3024

galaga: 5253-4602-6285-4155

remo: 5904-3016-5530-6093

dcescott: 5442-4933-4980-1962

lord helmet: 2506-8144-8355-3830

megamanfan: 4068-9348-9129-3455

xeex: 8208-9528-8707-0286

xot: 7494-1994-6198-1856

superomni: 6489-9327-9414-6701

moycon: 0131-8475-9076-8438

atari jr: 0960-9677-0693-0913

iX NES Xi: 2858-6834-3734-2367

JR: 6562-4613-6993-7664

legeek: 0295-3100-5298-6752

bivotar: 6781-7285-7727-7728 (bivotar)

Malc74: 6075-8496-2837-2990 (Malc74)

panda_racer: 0883-9999-8029-8207

Hyper_Eye: 4186-8835-1805-8472

shannon: 6078-0478-1275-9127

lonesome_pa: 1673-3306-8059-8093

icbrkr: 6639-4279-5563-3899

glitch: 8620-7350-2406-6070

princess: 2812-5485-0925-7282 (smokin', princess)

tempest: 2410-7985-7700-8242

bruce: 7593-8897-1308-2349

eric_ruck: 3406-9526-5569-1448

Larcen Tyler: 2183-5540-0493-4284

Atari Fever: 0985-8320-4426-9374

grimbasement: 8298-6310-3246-3254

bomberpunk (aka judasghost): 8883-6394-0095-8825

Rhindle The Red: 0186-5015-8648-4854

Phaxda: 0842-7873-8676-1101

Flojomojo: 2552-6535-9572-1266

bones: 3763-0819-1505-5955

Dalum: 4195-3019-5599-3493

Sauron [Tim]: 6559-1437-4258-6793

miiimo: 0892-3361-0923-5960

Firetiger and nunu: 3064-9970-2323-1709

HatNJ: 3602-6697-1838-3475

RockinKat: 4491-0251-8471-8756

Room 34: 2364-5251-3623-6403

Nognir (Tausi): 0406-7321-0793-5251

Paranoia: 6779-0782-8042-1091

Phaxda: 0384-2803-0053-9484

WawaSbdr: 8045-6856-1090-5560

pmpddytim: 7836-8256-4625-1880

SINGLE TOOTH: 8580-0464-1649-8613

Hex65000: 3793-4081-4229-8677

Jun Kazama: 5728-5430-0363-7087

theking21083: 2101-7633-3203-8410

GodsLabRat: 5881-9023-2704-1997

Ryanw: 7478-7319-7615-0978

mendon: 3544 2826 2434 3977 (new code)

godslabrat: 5881-9023-2704-1997

jboypacman: 4002-1256-0126-1545

7800lover: 8083-7379-4730-9825

Monev: 4829-1885-2875-8590

MrsMegamanFan: 5106-1238-5920-9737

aikainnet: 8360-6825-7246-1066

Krazykaiju: 0263-8789-4547-6422

Wntermute: 2750-8733-1574-9591


All new entries will be added to the end of the list.


You can find your Wii code by going into the message board, pick create message, select the address book and it's right there.


Please be kind and post your Wii code, and if you could the name of your Avatar so we know which one to associate with your Wii code. Make sure your set your Mii to minge!


To get Mii's to migrate to your Wii. Go into the parade (under Mii channel) and set it to travel mode.


Originally copied from bookman's updated (Feb 15 list) with new entries added.

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Please update on list! Yaaaay! I love my Wii.





I have a Wii on loan and the number is:




Not sure when I'll have to give it back and get my own but I really like it. Larcen, I tried to send you a message. My Mii is phil


Last night I became a golf pro. If anyone is looking to sell/trade the Tiger Woods game, drop me a PM.


I am also loving Paper Mario.

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So have my Punch-Out Mii's made the rounds yet?


I played this past week-end but didn't see them, I have like 80 Miis in the parade tho, I hadn't played in awhile.

I only glanced, I'll have to keep an eye open for them.

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Edit: Since I'm on dialup, so my Wii is often not connected to the Internet except on rare occasions. I'm hoping to get DSL soon, however (old copper out, fiberoptic lines coming in). Once that comes across, I'll repost my code and add everyone so it'll work a little better. :D

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