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2600 Rom Comparisions and Dumps


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4 hours ago, Thomas Jentzsch said:

I checked the differences of the first 12 games. I found three classes of changes:

  1. conversion from PAL to NTSC (without adjusting the colors)
  2. fixing the NTSC scanline count to be an even value (required for PAL)
  3. removal/replacement of original on-screen logos

1. and 2. mean that the games got converted/adjusted to/for PAL-M.

Ok, so what it means? Those games are some hacks, but they could be included in Atari 2600 VCS ROM Collection?

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On 1/8/2024 at 9:12 PM, Thomas Jentzsch said:

I have to correct myself. There are 83 unique ROMS. 


But I suppose the differences to known ROMs are minimal.

unique_roms.zip 250 kB · 14 downloads

Omg, now I noticed that you found those unique roms before me. My fault, did not notice that. I made the same checking and found the same result :)

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On 1/8/2024 at 12:32 PM, manterola said:

Hi All,

Yesterday I was successful in dumping the ROM of my "9999 Games Built In" 2600 Clone machine. I guess with the "9999 games built in" I am leading the competition of the 2600 clone console with more "games" built in ;-)

Anyway, it has been about 3 or more years that I really wanted to get this ROM image because this console was bought in Chile like 20 years ago, and Chile was part of the NTSC land (before the digital conversion).

Then, when I was doing some research, I could not find a picture or mention to this particular ROM chip: 4000-0010N. Notice the "N". All pictures I have found here or in google image search are the same but with a "P" and the chips are from consoles from Central Europe or the PAL size of South America. So, my hope is that this ROM is something different and hopefully the "N" is for NTSC. At least, so far, the order is different to the game lists I have found.


The ROM was read using a TL866ii assuming a 27C040 4Mbit EPROM (thanks @Wizzard for the valuable information), deactivating the ID checking, lifting /OE, and lifting and connecting /CE to +5V. 


I have been extracting, playing and cutting 2KB and 4KB sections of the ROM image and I have discovered that at least the first 4 games (and probably many more) are 4KB games and some (like Venture) don't exactly match V19 ROM pack. The console has the typical bank selection switch labeled "Game Group Switch", but the PCB has the 128/64/32 inscription.

So, enough introduction, I hope you can help me find some NTSC gem, I am not very optimistic, but we will see.


Edit and P.S.: I am not sure how 4Mbit (512KB) can be achived with only 19 address lines A0-A18, but I checked the image and it is not the same in the second half and I also checked the PCB and all these 19 lines are connected to something else. So, if you find something fishy, let me know and can try dumping the ROM again.






2600B (9999 built in clone console).bin 512 kB · 22 downloads

I am giving away this machine, so if interesting to play the games in the real machine just PM me. I am also posting in the free forum. 

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1 hour ago, manterola said:

I am giving away this machine, so if interesting to play the games in the real machine just PM me. I am also posting in the free forum. 

Where about in the world are you? I'd be happy to trade you for something else. Would feel too sleazy just to take it. 



Whoops it said it on your name. I'm way too far away. 

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I've dumped two ICs with 208 games from this Dar Yar using a TL866-3G Programmer. 

Dar Yar.zip


In total there's 14 unique ROMs but they all look like they're just hacks.

I've named the unique ones in the zip, Stella names the rest already. 


On this Dar Yar you switch between the two ICs using the channel select switch on the back then use the game select switch to cycle between them. 


The second IC has a combination of 2kb and 4kb ROMs and the TV boy style menu at the start. 

The menu doesn't work to select games on the system at all. 


Both ICs were dumped in the software by selecting the MBM27C4001, lifting pins 22 & 24 then connecting pin 22-16 and 24-1. 


Huge thanks to @manterola for guiding me through the process, I would have given up long before without your help. 

Dar Yar Top.jpg

Dar Yar Bottom.jpg



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I was wondering if someone had dumped the 4 games in 1 new cartridge that comes with the new paddles. I am really puzzled about the need of 4 switches in order to select 4 games   (!?!??!)

The last two switches are not used, and maybe the could have included more games and they just decided to include 4. I am also curious about the actual games, are they exactly the same than the ones we already have?


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