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3 Saved Atari Collections


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Guitarman: I just noticed this thread. After looking at your pics, I am impressed! Just having a collection like that - and so neatly-stored that it looks like a professional business - would make me feel happy by just walking into the room at the end of the day. Bravo!!!


More pics, please!! I am enjoying this vicariously, and I look forward to some day in the future when I can do that! Love it!!!!!

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Did you check your Atari items from the Reno Atari to see if you had one of those boards I posted ? I was vauge with any info as I was hoping

someone would remember it.


Back around 83 or so, the reno group mailed one to the group here in medford with a few songs, we built a few of them and some of the guys

built there own. We also sent one to Atari Ace of eugene oregon.


Guess iam just getting old...


Also. the reno group was the first (That iam aware of) that programed Stereo songs for the 800 .

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