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Oh well,

I am quite lonely here... anyway, in the last weeks I did approx. 100 new tip animations (maybe more, I did not count them) and re-worked a lot of old animations. Think when I am finished with all the stuff, I will post it here as two big uploads (one for 64k + 128k animations, another one for all the rest)...


In the meanwhile you may watch these animations... But, as always: Only download them if you want to, don`t download them if you don`t like tip animations !!


- Als die Tiere 576k: this is the intro of the tv-series "als die tiere den wald verliessen", originally titled "animals of farthen wood" (or something similar); the animation uses 150 frames and 80x50 pixels resolution, so stay away 1 or 2 meters from the screen when watching it...


- American Dad 320k: guess what, the intro of the tv-series "american dad", with 130 frames and also 80x50 pixels resolution; best viewed 1 or 2 meters away from the screen...


- Maya 320k: this is the intro of the tv-series "Die Biene Maja" or "Maya the bee" with 116 frames and 80x50 pixels resolution; again, stay 1 or 2 meters away from the screen while watching...


- Madonna 64k: Britney Spears and Madonna... alas, much too short, but the original GIF ani had only ten frames...


- Homer 128k: a dream within a dream, err a picture within a picture within a picture... endless looping...


- Podrace 128k: a small excerpt from the well known Starwars podrace...


- Spheres 128k: two sphere animations with rotating spheres...


- Tempest 128k: a small excerpt from the Tempest 2000 title...


And thats it for tonight. - Andreas Koch.

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  • 1 month later...


here are two new animations I created in the meanwhile...


- Dr. Snuggles 1088k: the intro of the tv-series Dr. Snuggles, created with tip animator 2xb, uses approx. 120-140 frames, 100x70 pixels resolution, alas it requires a min. of 1088k to run (if you don`t have that much, just use an emulator)...


- Chrono Cross: two versions - a) the one Miker created many months ago, it uses tip animator V2.8, full 160x100 pixels resolution, has high flicker and requires 576k RAM minimum; b) the new version I created with tip animator 2xb, resolution 100x70 pixels (note: the original GIF ani has only 80x56 pixels), with less flicker and "only" 320k RAM required... yes, I re-painted the sky and the sea like I said earlier...


greetings, Andreas Koch.

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  • 2 months later...


two months passed since my last upload here...?!? Ok, so here are two more tip animations (hope I did not post them already)...


- Aguilera: a scrolling GIF ani, which uses 50 frames, thus the tip ani requires 320k to run; well, on the A8 we already have similar (and much shorter!) demos done with 3 or 4 pics in Gr.9 or Gr. 15...


- Florist: a nice GIF ani with Lego toys, requires 320k to run...


and thats it for now. Please be aware, that all my tip animations were done on the emulator with PAL palette (I am using OlivierP.ACT palette right now) and they will look completely different with NTSC palette (e.g. OlivierN.ACT) on the emu or on NTSC A8 machines... -Andreas Koch.


P.S.: the XEX files are unpacked, will pack them later with SuperPacker...

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  • 3 weeks later...

Hello folks,


in the meanwhile I have uploaded some videos of the A8 tip animations to youtube. For all those Atarians that don`t have the required RAM or don`t have PAL systems, you may watch these small (and short) videos I made a few months ago. You can find the videos here:


- Spongebob:


- Maya the bee:


- Dr. Snuggles:


- Blue Lightning:


- Battlemorph:


- Barbapapa:


- Animals from farthing wood:


- Baldies:


There are some more videos I am going to upload in the next weeks. Besides, I re-worked some of the animations with tip animator 2xb, so there isn`t that high flicker anymore. Most animations are already uploaded here, will upload all the rest in the next months or so... -Andreas Koch.

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  • 3 months later...

tip_anm v2.9 (add parametr S$xxxx - skip file (default = 1) )


new BIG animation Buzzed (frames ripped from Amiga by Rocky)




you mean skip frame, don`t you ?!? Otherwise what would skip file mean - skip a part of the file (e.g. when the animation re-starts) ??? On the other hand, skip frame could also be redundant - if you don`t need/want a frame, just do not convert it with Tip Converter... maybe you can post an example, so I know what you mean.


Last not least, I wish there would be the possibility for batchfile conversion where we set parameters like palette, saturation and such *just once* and then convert all frames (startframe-endframe / pictures, e.g. Spongebob_frame0001.png - Spongebob_frame0162.png) with these set parameters. Currently we have Tip Converter 1.00 by ERU, where we can convert only one frame (picture) at a time, making conversions of many frames (e.g. 162 frames) quite time consuming and awkward... but maybe batch conversion is already possible with Tip Converter and I am to blind to see it...


-Andreas Koch.


P.S.: TeBe how about a VBXE animator with 320x200 (or 320x240) pixels resolution and 256 colours ?!? That one should be for harddisk only and should support up to 16MB (or even 32MB) harddisk partitions of course...

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yes, skip file = skip frame


Epi write new TipConv (Java) consol version


java -jar tipconv.jar [options] file... 
When no arguments (options or files) given, GUI is opened 
-t      --tip           convert to TIP image (default) 
-h      --hip           convert to HIP image 
-f      --fit           fit 
-c      --crop          crop to fill 
-s      --stretch       stretch to fill 
-l      --linear        enable separate linear brightness conversion 
-aS     --saturation=S  set saturation multiplier S (default 4.0) 
-pFile  --palette=File  use palette file "File" 
       --help          print this message 
       --version       print version info 

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(as always, a stupid feedback from me first)


I converted hundreds (or thousands?) of pictures with Tipconv 1.00 in the past and the tool worked ok, but it only converted one picture/frame at a time. Now I have unpacked tipconv 1.10 and whenever I double-click it, the GUI (which is also Tipconv. 1.00) opens up - but there I can only load/display a picture. When I press "Convert" (after I set all parameters) nothing happens... (and yes, I copied all my palette files, including Laoo, G2f and OlivierP into the subdir "palette" which is in the dir "tipconv110").


The docs of tipconv 1.10 say it requires JRE 6 - but which version exactly ?!? I currently have Java (1.)6.0.60 and the update 6.0.150 on my computer. Did not do any more Java updates since then. But it looks like tipconv. does not work with this (these) Java version(s)...


I went to the command prompt under Win XP (which I always do with tip animator!) and typed in the following:


java -jar tipconv.jar => to start the tipconverter 1.10

-t => to convert to tip format

-f => fit (frames are already set to 160x100 pixels!)

-a1.0 => saturation should be 1.0 (or can I simply type -a1 here ?)

-pOlivierP.ACT => palette = OlivierP (only lower-case maybe ?!?)

*.PNG => convert all *.PNG files in this directory with the given parameters into tip


so, the command line looks as follows:


java -jar tipconv.jar -t -f -a1.0 -pOlivierP.ACT *.PNG


Well, the program starts, but after 2-3 seconds I get an error message, which I do not understand at all. The *.PNG frames are in the same directory as tipconv 1.10, the palette files are in the subdir "palette" of tipconv 1.10, but still the multi-frame-conversion does not work (and as said above, even the single-frame conversion does not work here)...?!?


Here is the error the tipconv 1.10 is giving (oh well, copy & paste does not work in the command prompt):


Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException

at TIP01Image<init><TIP01Image.java:35>

at Converter.convert<Converter.java:120>

at TipConv.main<TipConv.java:101>


I do not want to start learning Java now, but maybe this error message is helpful for you, TeBe, or Epi at least... greetings, Andreas Koch.


P.S.: I am currently running Windows XP Home with service packs 1, 2 and 3. Java (JRE6) is there, .Netframework 1, 2 and 3 is also there, am I missing something on my PC or did I have some typing errors in the command prompt ?!?

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i use batch *.bat



for %%z in (*.png) do java -jar tipconv.jar -t -f -a1.0 -pOlivierP.ACT %%z





I tried your given batch file with 16 frames (16 *.PNG pics with 160x100 pixels each) and got the above mentioned error 16 times:



Exception in...






Exception in...







I already wanted to give up here, but then I had the idea not to put the palette files in the subdir "palette" (within tipconv), but directly into the dir of tipconv 1.10 - and then the multiple conversion worked !! Sometimes, strange errors are simple to solve... (I do not know why tipconv 1.10 and the included GUI does not accept the palettes in a subdir, whereas the older and separate tipconv 1.00 does accept them in a subdir; maybe there is a subdir limit, since I am already 5 or 6 subdirs deep in tipconv 1.10...?!?)


So, in order to use tipconv 1.10 do the following:

1) unzip/unpack tipconv to your computer, e.g. into a dir named "tipconv"...

2) after unpacking there are two subdirs named "icons" and palette", move all palette files from the subdir "palette" into the main dir of tipconv (and if you do so, also add the missing palettes Laoo.ACT, OlivierP.ACT, OlivierN.ACT, G2F.ACT and other palettes you like)...

3) go to the command prompt and type your commands (or better a command line) similar as shown in posts 259 and 262 -or- use/create a batch file, similar to the one TeBe provided in post 263...


Do not forget to copy all frames (*.png, *.jpg, *.gif or other formats) into the dir of "tipconv" before going to the command prompt or starting the batch file. Then the multiple-frame-conversion should work fine and quite fast too... -Andreas Koch.

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with the help of tipconv 1.10 I converted a small excerpt (part of the intro) of "Family Guy". Normally it would have taken 3-5 days for me to convert all 75 frames by hand, but now I could do it much faster (spent only some hours in the evening). The animation requires a minimum of 320k memory to run... again, OlivierP palette had been used - have fun ! -Andreas Koch.

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with the help of tipconv 1.10 I converted a small excerpt (part of the intro) of "Family Guy". Normally it would have taken 3-5 days for me to convert all 75 frames by hand, but now I could do it much faster (spent only some hours in the evening). The animation requires a minimum of 320k memory to run... again, OlivierP palette had been used - have fun ! -Andreas Koch.


Are all these TIP animations just PAL? I downloaded a whole bunch of TIPs but they all show as B&W and with a blank line every other line.

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how about some more Jaguar intros...?!? Here are:


- Iron Soldier 2: The full intro is much too long for a tip animation, so I had to shorten it and downsize to 80x50 pixels (which means stay away 2 or 3 meters from the screen when watching it). The animation (or micro-movie?) consists of approx. 126 frames and requires a mimimum of 320k RAM to run. Tip Animator version 2xB and OlivierP palette have been used to create this animation...


- Missile Command 3D: a) The VRI-logo took only 24 frames and therefore runs on a 64k Atari (alas, you may notice a small bug, when the VRI-logo has turned full 360 degrees and is right where it started from, the 3D fuji-logo has turned more/less than 360 degrees and therefore is not where it started - thats what causes the small bug)...

b) The 3D animation of the MC3D title took 100 frames and requires a minimum of 320k to run, again tip animator version 2xB and OlivierP palette have been used to create this animation...


-Andreas Koch.

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Hello rdea6,


your animations posted here do all require 128k minimum RAM, so they will not work on a standard/real 800XL. They do require a 130XE or any XL/XE upgraded to 128k RAM...


One bad thing about 256-colour graphics (like TIP and others) seems to be that it is very palette or region dependant. A tip animation created with a PAL palette (e.g. my animations, since I am a PAL user!) will look completely different (BAD!) on a NTSC palette (or a NTSC computer) and vice-versa. Just compared the colours of your "santalegs" animation on the emu:


Larry-NTSC/OlivierN palette: OlivierP palette:

roof: blue green

chimney: red/black pink/black

santas trouser-legs: red pink

sky (around the moon): blue violet


So, whenever posting a tip animation here, it seems nescessary to mention the palette that was used to create the animation (so other users have the chance to view the animation how the author/creator wanted it to look like)...


Last not least, since you have posted the *.tip files with your animations, I could create 64k versions of all of them (they have the same flicker as the 128k versions of course), you will find them attached here. To get the "bubbles" animation working with 64k I have used a simple trick: I did not use all 24 frames, but only half of them (frames 1,3,5,9,11,etc.). I also tried to get your animations flicker-free with tip animator 2xB, but alas it only shows a lot of graphics bugs, so we have to live with the flicker versions (also attached the 2xb version of bubbles, so you can see what gfx bugs I mean)...


-Andreas Koch.

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here are some tip animations I did in the meanwhile...


- Beeware 320k: inspired by "Buzzed" I converted this AVI into a tip ani; used OlivierP palette and more than 100 frames, so it requires 320k RAM...


- Duel: another AVI converted into a tip ani, alas the original movie was quite dark (so the tip ani is also). Requires 576k RAM and is best viewed with OlivierP palette...


- Matrix: two short GIF animations converted into tip animations, they require 128k each to run. OlivierP palette...


- Mr Cool: a GIF ani converted into a tip ani, requires only 64k to run, OlivierP palette...


- Quak: a movie converted into a tip ani, there were more than 100 frames, still the ani requires only 128k RAM to run; OlivierP palette...


- Yoda dance: a GIF ani converted into a tip animation, requires only 64k to run, OlivierP palette...


greetings, Andreas Koch.


P.S.: Some of the movies of the above tip animations can be found here:


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