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Spreading the Love with Free Games and More... Edicion Cinco


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Because the fourth edition of the Free Games was rather out of date to say the least, it's about time to start anew once more. Since this is a new thread, all items that were offered in the previous thread will not be carried over. If you still have items from last time, repost them here and they will be added to the list. Before posting, please read these guidelines:


When offering...

-List the name of what you're offering, what system it's for, what condition it's in, and exactly what is included.

-Include everything you have for offer in one post. Please don't spread your items across multiple posts as that makes the thread bigger than necessary.

-Make sure to state in your post if shipping will be covered by you or by the claimer.

-Please be honest about the condition of your item(s). If an item is in terrible condition or if it's almost flawless, please state so.


When claiming...

-If you're interested in an item (or items), send a PM to the offerer and tell them what you're interested in.

-If the person asks that you cover shipping costs, work it out with the offerer in PMs.

-Although it's not required, it's recommended that you offer something in turn of equal or near-equal value. If the offerer isn't interested, post it here where other people can check it out!


When your item is claimed...

-Make a post (or edit your existing one) saying that your item (or items) has been claimed. This is important since it keeps the list clean and prevents confusion.


And as a disclaimer, I am not a middleman for any items listed here. I'm only here to maintain the list and I don't want to be held responsible should a deal turn sour.



*=Claimer pays shipping

**=Offerer pays shipping


Atari 2600


Atari 5200


Atari 7800


Atari 8-Bit


Atari 16/32-Bit


Atari Lynx


Atari Jaguar




Commodore 64/128


Commodore Amiga


Fairchild Channel F




Magnavox Odyssey 2/Philips Videopac


Microsoft Xbox


Microsoft Xbox 360


NEC PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16




Famicom Disk System


SNES/Super Famicom


Nintendo 64


Nintendo GameCube


Nintendo Wii


Nintendo Game Boy/Game Boy Color


Nintendo Game Boy Advance


Nintendo DS




Sega Master System/Mark III


Sega Genesis/Mega Drive


Sega Game Gear


Sega CD/Mega CD


Sega 32X


Sega Saturn


Sega Dreamcast




Sony PlayStation


Sony PlayStation 2


Sony PlayStation 3


Sony PSP



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I'll take the honor of being first. Up for grabs is Game and Watch Gallery 4, for the GBA. Cart only. Shipping is free.



EDIT: Gone!


EDIT2: Item 2: Resident Evil 2 (disc 1) for the Dreamcast. Disc only, no original case. However, a generic cd case will be provided. Shipping is free.


EDIT3: Gone!

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I have some C64 Floppy disks and a floppy-disk storage container. I got these in a large lot of C64 stuff and was only interested in the music software. I have not tested all f these disks, but the ones I did test worked great. The disks include originals with manuals, originals without manuals, blank disks, copies, and demo/ software-of-the-month disks. There are over 100 disks total. The only catch is that you will have to take everything. Just pay shipping (USPS Medium Flat Rate Box + DC: $12). Thanks.


Gone, thanks!



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Hi,got lucky and a dear friend,bluebmw over at pcfx,sent me a bunch of atari and old console game and system booklets and manuals. I took the ones I want from them so now I will also spread them rest for free to the world. Just pay shipping in a bubble mailer 1st class or a small package priority depending on how many you want. Overseas is ok. For shipping I accept paypal or cash hidden in envelope.

No limit. Condition is average considering their age. Folds,dents,scuffs,fades on all but not that bad looking.

I live in a backwards suboyb of chicago so mailing facilities are far away and need a ride so please give me some time to ship them out. :)



all spoken for!

a bit of history where they came from. Bluebmw was driving around and found a garage sale in knoxville TN and a guy had tons of retro stuff but bmw was only insterested in a nes and genny. After buying some stuff the guy gave him free a brown box pasted label odysse2 box filled to the brim with manuals of all types. Later in pcfx chat we were talking and it came up that i was looking for console boxes for this phase im going thru that i would like boxes for most of my systems. Bmw had no use for the odysse box and vintage manuals so he gave them to me free. Took 2 big priority and a thick brown paper for the odysse box and payed a pretty penny in shipping but it was worth it. So beutiful were the manuals. Was like going back in time. And since i had most of the games for them it was great. I still have a bunch im filling binders for. learned that knoxville was the philips headquarters and could explain the brown odyssey box and manuals.


Of the ones I kept I made 3 huge binders with those cheap plastic pocket sleeves. I used a euro sealer to melt divides onto them and a razor blade to make openings:





updated for items spoken for.

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If not taken, these will be sold for "donor cart" scrap. All working unless noted.


pacman (2 copies), BOTH GONE

football, GONE

qbert GONE


jungle hunt-GONE




Centipede (2 copies),BOTH GONE

Galaxian- can't get this one to load right, probably dead,GONE



global defense-GONE

monopoly- GONE

quartet- GONE

secret command- GONE

great golf- GONE



goldeneye- GONE


All items claimed from this round. :)

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Some odds and ends to give away:


non-working blue GameCube (cosmetically fine, powers up, but the boot screen doesn't come on) - claimer pays shipping CLAIMED


non-working PCB for Pit Fighter for Genesis - claimer pays shipping (Comix Zone PCB has been claimed)


manual for Genesis John Madden '93 - I'll pay shipping within USA/Canada/FPO

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I'm going to offer up a Turbo cart for the ColecoVision. It has a chunk taken out of half of the left hand side going from the end label to a little over 1/2 way down the side (if that makes sense). The cart works because the end where the edge connector is perfectly fine.


Claimer pays shipping...

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I claimed some manuals from "jetblue" so to reciprocate I will offer up...


"NFL Quarterback Club 96" for the genesis. Complete (even has the promo ads and warranty card), but untested.


Claimer pays shipping.

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I too claimed some manuals from Jetblue, and here are some extra things I have in case someone else needs them. The boxes are empty except for the Xybots box which has a poster or something in it. Carnival and Roc n Rope are for Coleco. Claimer pays shipping.



PM on the 2600 Connection and CV manuals

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Anyone has any use for a PlayStation box? It's for the SCPH-7501 model and it's in pretty good shape (for a 15 years old box, at least). There are two tears in the inside flap (the part that holds the controller and cables), which have been fixed with clear tape. The styrofoam inserts are included. It's about 2 lb 14 oz boxed. Taker pays shipping from 47401 per USPS parcel or priority rates.


EDIT: Gone



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