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Spreading the Love with Free Games and More... Edicion Cinco


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What does everyone feel about the possibility of creating a "Free Stuff" forum where people can start and maintain their own threads of items they are giving away? Would be a bit more organized than a large, gargantuan thread. I can create a pinned thread in the forum with the guidelines from the first post in this thread. Thoughts?



This is a great idea. Easier to keep track of clean up when done.

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I have setup a new "Free Games and More" forum:




Please post anything you currently have available in this thread as a new thread in the above forum. You can create a single thread with related items together, but ideally the title of any threads you create should cover what you have available. I've started a sticky thread in the forum with some guidelines (modified from what's in this thread).


I'll watch this closely to see how it goes, and I will lock this thread in a week or so.



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I read the How To pinned in the new forum. I just wanted a point of clarification:


You DO want us to start a new thread every time we have something to give away rather than recycle our own topics?


Yes, please create a new topic, and name the thread appropriately based on what you are selling.





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