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Upcoming Virtual Jaguar 2.0.0 release


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Maybe there's a switch in qmake that turns off those Apple specific flags? Or you could try removing them from the generated Makefile by hand. :P


I manually forced the build to complete with both GCC 4.5 and 4.7. Both have the same performance issue, so it's something specific to the platform that's causing problems.


I also tried building on an older OS X 10.6 platform with the same results.




I also updated QT to 4.8.4 and tried various optimization levels (O3, Ofast, O0). Neither of those made a difference either.


Haven't tried QT 5 yet, but that's due to a compile issue on OS X. Hopefully that will be fixed shortly, so I can finally start using it.

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Now that is strange, I wonder what flavor of Linux he's using? Because in both the virtualjaguar.pro and the generated makefile-qt the -lz is in there. I wonder if his version of qmake stripped it out? Also strange that it linked without it, as -lz is a requirement for the Jaguar core library. :P


@goldendegg: I'm stumped. It could be that there's a 32 vs. 64 bit issue there, with some kind of translation causing the slowdown; without dissecting it and being able to look at the pieces it's next to impossible to say what it is that's gone wrong there. :(

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