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Really ugly use of Atari stuff..


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Nobody has said they can't do that, we just comment on the mental status of somebody who does do that.



and then calls us melvins.

And if the guy took an old broken Atari 2600 and made real art with it instead of that lazy, ugly mess with zero thought put into it, hardly anyone would complain. I heard that beauty is in the eye of the bee holder and it looks like Vic George 2K3 is all out of bees:


I don't see anything ugly about it.
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I never said it was beautiful, but it's not like somebody turned it into a sludge factory of carnage and vomit.

I could literally have my kids grab 5 or 6 toys from their room, grab one of my 2600s and a hot glue gun and make a similar "sculpture" in 10 minutes. While I don't like the fact that he used an Atari for it, it's not my point. Unless someone can explain the theme or meaning of the "art" object, e.g. a snapshot in time or his childhood memories, then it isn't art to me. It's a bunch of meaningless junk glued together.


But if it strikes an artist chord with you and has meaning, or you just think it looks cool, then I've got no problem with that.

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I really like what he did with the carts in the second picture. I thought it was creative. The last picture is upsetting though...


... but wouldnt it be cool to install buttons and an analog stick into a broken atari cart, making it into a usable controller?


... or with how far technology has come, intall a small processor, lcd screen, controls, switch, and other essentials. Making a space invaders cart. Into an actually playable space invaders 2600 game, handheld thing...

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No no no... I still have to puke when I see this stack of chickenshit glued together with lots of dried bullshit.

I hope that some day somebody doing the same with him when nobody wants him anymore (I bet it shouldn't take too long to reach this state)!

To tar and feather would be much too good for him.


And yes I hate this kind of using the spare time to create handmade junk (I'm avoiding the word ART) to fool cuckoos.


I've seen so called Art on the Documenta here in Germany and have to say that even diarrhea filled in bags was "sold" there as art.

And I was irritaded about how may people found that very "inspiring". But maybe I got no "antennas" for art?! :ponder:


In the end I'm very divided when thinkin about this theme... and finally choose by myself to be melvis instead of calling this art! :lol:

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How does William Shatner relate to Atari Age?


I feel a chill...

I fixed this for you to make it more AA friendly. :)

It's an ongoing joke around here. Sort of a poke at a previous member.

with 2 accounts at different times

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I tried to look that person up and got:

No results found for 'backin89'. :(


toptenmaterial: Would you like to shed some light on the story about the said user?




backin89 was a member who came on here for the express purpose of begging for money. He claimed to be having an extremely rough time with his finances, and requested donations for purposes ranging from a bycicle for his daughter to alms for a poor man. Eventually, his charade went up in smoke and he left with a flurry of insults and a wave of the cape. There is a running joke about William Shatner riding a little girl's bike that pops up whenever he is mentioned (usually in the context of an image showing this). There was another member called, I think, Videofever1972 who took very similar actions and may have actually been the same person (he also left in anger).

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Wow that's some crazy stuff. Thats for the detais. Did anyone actually give him anything?


However, William Shatner is definately the man! I can't wait for season 2 of S*^t my dad says; that show is/was amazing! :)


Some people did send him money. Some even auctioned off some of their stuff and gave him the proceeds. He hurt a lot of people with his shenanigans, and damaged a lot of trust.

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