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that one is mine :) buy it here for $200. On eBay I have to charge more.


My cost was:

$83.95 F18a

$26 Replacement top sticker, I got two stickers for $26 but will not use the second one :(

$15 in parts for F18a install

$56 for Colecovision power supply - Canada type

$40 CBS Colecovision console - bought it a couple of years ago.


$220.95, so I'm actually selling for less than the bought the parts to make it.

Congrats on the sale... that was a steal for the buyer.


I have to admit though that your eBay auction description skills need some improvement seeing as you seemed to highlight the Canadian Power Supply more than the the F18A mod and the tremendous upgrades it provides the CV. :P


I know, damn eBay, you have to be careful about detailing mods or they may pull the auction.

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Thanks TPR and NIAD.. I bought this from grips03. BTW TPR, does the VGA to HDMI converter that you now recommend have the 1.8 audio input and female VGA input?


It has RCA inputs for the audio so you'll have to use a cable like this which should be extremely easy to find:



Here's the link to it: http://www.amazon.com/Vktech%C2%AE-Audio-Converter-Adapter-Scaler/dp/B016OLXZ00/

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