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Colecovision Auction Watch


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As much as I love my Colecovision consoles, I wouldn't ever pay that even if it was legit unopened. But maybe someone will who has that kind of pocket change lol


Yeah, I've seen some near-mint opened CIB CV boxes go for much, much less over the last year. I can't imagine he sells that for 2 grand!

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Thats a crazy price. There was another seller last year that had quite a few NOS sealed Colecovisions for auction, around $1000 or so I think he was asking

To which I would respond to that person with "instead of sending me the coleco...send me what you're high on...as I think i'd like that instead"

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i probably miss a thread somewhere but why this game is not a normal release?

A valid question. :)


The story in a nutshell is that I had these left-over casings where the front was black and the back was gold, and I didn't know what to do with them. I asked Mystery Man if he had any ideas for using these casings, and he suggested porting Super Tank and doing a prototype cart run. He did the SG-1000 port over a short period of time, and I decided to let Mystery Man keep all the eBay earnings, aside from a small percentage which I keep for myself.

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Yay! Super Tank coming my way! Please send a huge THANK YOU to Mystery Man from me! (Still play Boxxle all the time!)

And thanks for your prompt payment. :) Would you believe the guy who won Super Tank #2 of 5 still hasn't paid for it? He let me know recently that he's out of town for the rest of the week and will pay when he gets back. I've delt with the guy before and I trust he will pay so I'm not really worried, but this shows one of the inconveniences of sniping services: Programming such a service to place a last-minute bid while you're away from your computer can be convenient, but then the seller is stuck waiting until you get back. :|


Anyhow, prototype cart #4 is up:




Good luck to all bidders! :)

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You might wana pickup an expansion mod 1 while you're at it... (or see Luc)


I suspect the cartridge is actually for the Atari 8bit or C64 systems. Someone can just check the product code on the label to verify.


I hereby suggest this entire thread be retitled: ColecoVision Auction Snark.

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