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Rick Dangerous


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Movements & software sprites look interesting. But some parts of the trailer were played with VBXE mode turned on? Or am I wrong?

Yes, you can see "Classic gameplay" and "VBXE gameplay" at the beginning of both sections at the bottom.

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Looks to use VBXE colourmap, unsure if any other features being utilized.

It's entirely possible to do a game that uses colourmap and work on both VBXE or normal machine, though you have to take into consideration what things will look like without the extra colouring.

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Humm... I know you guys will all kill me for saying this but just think in what I will say as a constructive or at least as a simple opinion:

All the guys enemys as soft sprites goes behing certain gfxs like pillars and boxes but Rick always go in-front of them because it's a PMGs and you didn't do the mask of it.

In C64 all them are hardware sprites and all go behind and the same on ZXs and CPCs whem all the guys are soft sprites.

Didn't you had cpu or can you say whats the reason to don't do that mask for Rick on the A8 version?


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Looks cool. However I'm worried they will face the same issue as the SNES port by AlekMaul that had to be changed, renamed as "Justice Beaver" because of issues with the original editor...

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