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ABBUC Software Contest 2012 - Status


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Funny thing. All the mobile devices developers copy the old retro stuff - and the retro developers copy the new mobile/flash stuff.

Good for both of them - Hopeful we never hit any of those legal pitfall here...

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Why not you also send us a video? Come on, do some promotion of your product (the same for the others...).


Really simple reason: I can not do it :)

I planned on recording with Altirra, but then I realized, that i have no possibility to cut it.

As it is short game I would spoil it all if i would show a 2 minutes video.


OSon is doing stuff like that (did it for MJO as well), however, he is too busy. tomorrow I will send him a mail.



But, please do not expect anything. We planned a big game, but realized that we would NEVER finish it for the dead line so I decided to do a quick shooter (as TMR always says: its easy :) ). And it would have been a nice game (considering we worked 6 weeks on it). But adding more then one level would have taken one or two weeks. :(


Guess the most fun is for hackers, as it is table driven you just have to find it and what the commands do, then you can make your own version.

Flash drew lots of sprites which are in the code but are not used. As said, I prepared for more then one level :)

BTW, his gfx are awesome. If only he knew about the 5th color earlier, the background gfx would look even cooler :)

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We will send out the Games on Disc for ABBUC members with the next magazine. After that, we will make the Disk images available for Download for members, shortly after that also for the public. At the meeting we collect the votes, count them and publish the results.

It´s some work to copy more than 400 5.25" disks on the real hardware. But hey: We´re Retro and we know it. ;)

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Definitely looking forward to seeing these games! Will there be an NTSC version of RR? I live in NTSC-land......

Hey, NTSC version of game is almost done. All coding is already adjusted, i'm just waiting for ingame logo that has to be different/simplyfied to fit into NTSC timings.



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