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Birthday Mania - Unwrapped


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Nice work, Waggie! The source code could be a nice add on for the package, maybe printed on a continuous perforated paper with a dot matrix printer, to make it more authentic...

If I understand correctly you don't have the rom, but you have to reconstruct it from the printed code, right? At least it will be easier to implement the code to personalize the name, and you could easily convert the rom in PAL or PAL60 format if you want to.


Recreating the label won't be a problem as the artwork is very simple. This is what I came up with after tinkering a bit with Gimp and Inkscape using the two known (blurry) pictures as reference.


I'm sure that some of the talented artists here on AA can do a much better job. If the labels are printed to order you could also have someone create a tool to have them personalized with the name of the owner, instead of writing it afterwards.

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Jeff (the current owner of the only known cartridge) and I have been talking over the last couple days. He has been working on a plan to release the game for several months and was about to announce it when I dropped my bomb. We both have the goal of getting this in collectors hands, so are going to join our projects and work together on it. This may speed up the release as he has access to the rom and we won't have to wait for the copyright office. We're looking forward to everyone being able to play and hopefully enjoy it.

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I think it would be nice if you guys somehow worked out a deal to have it in the store, the ability for people to choose their charity, and for it to be a permanent release. The reason I wish this is because I could see myself buying this more than once as birthday cards.


Now THIS is a great idea!

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So I hate to be the cynic in this celebration, but I wouldn't depend on Copyright being able to send you anything. I have friends at the LOC and when we've talked about old video game submissions, they've told me that most of that stuff was lost or tossed ages ago. And even if they do still have the Birthday Mania stuff, and IF they manage to find it, keep in mind that a copyright submission for source code only requires the beginning and end: they don't require the entirety of the code, so they might not have ever had it.

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