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Interest Check - Desert Bus 2600


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And without further ado...


The legendary unreleased SegaCD gaming classic is now coming to the 2600! Do you have what it takes to master the Desert Bus?











Price: TBD - Release date: Early Oct 2013!


This is an interest list for the cart only version of Desert Bus 2600. After a (hopefully) successful ultra limited run of carts, we'll move forward with a boxed copy.

Every copy comes with a flyer of upcoming titles and an air freshener! Questions? Comments? Feel free to ask or PM!




1. Atari2600Lives



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Looks interesting. What do you do in the game? Just drive the bus?


Assuming the same as the original Desert Bus...


The 1995 video game Penn & Teller's Smoke and Mirrors featured an unusual mini-game called Desert Bus in which the player drove a realistic bus route between Tucson and Las Vegas. This mini-game became popular due to the fact that it imitated a real 8 hour bus ride. Once reaching the destination, the player gets 1 point and, if desired, can then drive the return route. The game was considered by some [23] to be long and boring, but found a cult audience due to the weirdness behind the idea, there are forums, Twitter feeds, and other resources to the dedicated fans.[24]


Source: Penn & Teller Wikipedia entry

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How about Indy 500 driving controller support? That might be easier to implement than paddle support.


Heh. Nope just sticks. Maybe there'll be a Desert Bus 2600 Deluxe where we'll implement new control styles and some new scenery/mechanics but we've tested the build to gold and we're going to start producing these at the end of the month.


Might I suggest for that authentic feel though (and added comfort), to plug a Genesis controller into your 2600.

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I didn't think it was possible to make a label that looks worse than Hozer's. This looks like it was cutout with scissors, by a kid with a shaking disease. :-o


It's a quick photoshop job using the online label maker with a close mock of the final label. The real labels are at the printers and will be in sometime this week hopefully. I'll update the cart pic then. Heh, you can still see the asteroids end label on the pic.

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Does this one go for 8 hours just like the original version?


We decided to go for more realism, paying special attention to driving speed and timing as well as distance (we're not kidding) and it actually goes a little longer that the original.


Also to note, this is an NTSC release only. If there's considerable PAL interest we may consider it down the line.


As for the boxed versions. These are slated if we can sell 25 copies of the carts. So I'll keep those interested posted.

As for price point on the carts, we're thinking AtariAge members who present interest and pre-order(when we open it up) can get in at $30 shipped CONUS. With carts being sold on our site for $35 shipped. We'll probably throw in a few more goodies for those who pre-order too but right now we just want to see who's interested before we go get PCBs manufactured and order parts.

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