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Strips, Reference Cards, Manuals, Labels and more! (HQ)


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Interesting that they translated OOPS! with NEIN! in German. It is certainly difficult to find a matching expression; the usual "Huch" would be more a surprise about the situation, maybe even in a positive sense. A better choice would be "oh nein!" - or the ubiquitous "Sch..." word. But you would not print it on a strip. :-)

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While I am working on Programming Aids manuals for

Here are a few labels. Most of my disk labels seem to have fallen off, or the glue has etched through the paper (sigh) but here is what I have in reasonably good condition- as I am not permitted to upload tif files I have zipped them all together into a zip, which is permitted!


Zip contents-



disk labels for:

Events Calendar (Gaskill), SXB (J&KH), TI Base Vn 2.01 (Inscebot)


NOTUNG: Disk of Horrors archived disk; Son of the disk of dinosaurs (two labels), disk of the old west(4 disks)


Jim Peterson: Nuts and Bolts 3, Tips from the Tigercub 2,3, and 4 (3 labelsl)



Cassette labels for:

TI Logo Sampler

Speak and Math




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I dug out my original TI Writer keyboard strip in French today and input it into my blank template. Here are the results in beige and white. These keystrips exposed some bugs in my English TI Writer keystrips. Here are the corrected versions of them as well. :)







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Here are some more keyboard strips that I had time to work on at lunch today. . .Ciro, please look at the one in Italian to see if everything makes sense.


You'll see what I mean when you look at how I rearranged the Chess keyboard strip to help make it much easier to use. The English and Italian strips now have identical formats--and I'll do some in German, French, Dutch, Swedish, and Spanish once I get time to play some more with them.












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I've found that just about every printer out there is just enough different that I have to do some initial experimentation to get the size right. Some of them come out exactly right without modification (Minolta photocopiers), others I have to play with. The important bit is that all of them are scaled exactly the same, so once you find the magic value that works for one of them, it will print them all.

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That just moves the trial and error to the front end, as the PDF file IS the printer you are adjusting the output to. I give you raw files to use as you see fit--if you want to play with them and figure out the settings to get them to fit perfectly by using a PDF, I say go for it! I'll keep doing what I do in a way that makes my hobby a fun thing for me in any event. :) If others find the output to be useful, that's good too, but that output is done to fit my use cases (in this case, creating files that I can convert to vinyl strips to put onto original TI keyboard strips), and my use case requires that I make the files just right for that purpose--the cut lines are the template boundaries I need and the file is adjusted to fit them then.

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PART 1 - Editor Assembler


I scanned the "Editor Assembler" manual in last night, but it's too big to load it up as one file here on Atari Age due to the 50 megabyte limit, so it's in three pieces.


The blue covers and pages 001-200 are in this first post. Pages 201-470 will be in the next post.


(I may get to editing the blue cover pages in the next day or two, but until then, they are not 100%)





EA 001 - 200-min.pdf

EA - Covers.pdf

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